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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Blown away

I am not political. I usually don't even watch the news as it is generally depressing. I tend to favour sparkly things and playing with kids toys over anything serious. But I watched Obama's inauguration speech and I must say I found it really exciting, and can't believe that it has taken 28 years of my life to see just one politician who seems to be believable! Today is the first time I have ever thought it'd be pretty cool to be an American!

More true to personal form, I wore this hair accessory my sister made today, thought it matched the occasion pretty well!

Sunday, 18 January 2009

At it again...

Still buying stuff for my imaginary house, bring on this blooming recession for the sake of the desperate first time buyers!

Still obsessed with invisible furnishings, and alternative light fittings, and have managed to combine the two - Oh how I love to make a cocktail out of a couple of trends!

The beautiful big spenders option is this Oxford 8 Light from Light and Shade, quite pricey but you get more mass for your money than you do with the spectacular Kartell 'Bourgie' light from Graham and Green which would be the perfect match for Starck's Louis chair (which obviously makes it my official favourite!)

But for the more realistic budget, the light fitting I actually bought is this extremely groovy acrylic / perspex number from Ebay - it may not be the same level of designer but it looks seriously posh and fits the requirement of near invisibilty very well! Who ever said you can't shop well when you're skint!

Monday, 12 January 2009

Excited much?

Found this picture of Saunton Sands whilst checking out which caravan park to book for the Tenner Holiday offer, now I REALLY want to go! Although I've been surfing for a year I'm still absolutely rubbish, but doesn't seem to make me any less keen, and I start swimming lessons tomorrow!

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Based on a True Story....

Once upon a time, in a land far away, a beautiful blonde princess came accross a precious gem, in the shape of a blood red rose. The moment she saw it she knew it would be the perfect present for her long lost flame haired friend. She guarded it safely through the remainder of her treacherous travels, trekking through jungles, leaping from aeroplanes and even on occasion washing from a bucket, until she could finally return to her homeland and present the treasure to her cherished friend.

Her friend was so impressed with the beauty of the rose that she swore to wear it close to her heart for all eternity, but little did she know trouble was afoot. Within the month the evil witch Misfortune stole the jewel from her, from right underneath her nose, and no matter how hard she tried, and how often she retraced her steps, the rose was nowhere to be found. The princess was bitterly sad that such a precious present was never to be seen again.

Some time later the dust had settled and the tears had finally dried, and the cold winter ice was starting to freeze over the homeland of the two friends. Then, one bright frosty morning, the flame haired girl's older sister thought that maybe she could warm the chill in her baby sibling's heart, and bought her a bright sparkly jar of junk from the charity shop, as junk was always the way to cheer her up.

The coloured beads were working a little, raising a glimmer of a smile from our flame haired friend. Then, lo and behold! The Rose! Tangled in amongst the plastic necklaces and odd earrings was the sparkly red rose jewel the blonde princess had bought for her, it had come home! She vowed never to let it leave her sight again, as from now on it is not only a precious gem from a special friend, but also a little bit spooky!

Not very believeable is it?!.......

Monday, 5 January 2009

Groovy Baby Gear

My favourite groovy kids clothes designer is having a half price January sale!

Nanoo's Boutique is full of zingy bright coloured crochet and mouthwatering colour clashes, in the cutest hoodies, jumpers, cardigans and even soft toy Jelly Babies (knitted food - always a winner!).

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