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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Freaky Ring Hand-Stands!!!

I love making jewellery. I love selling jewellery. I especially love selling my jewellery face to face and chatting to people at craft fairs and festivals.
I hate the fact that I keep trying really hard but never quite find the perfect ways of displaying my goods. Every time I come up with something new I love it, until I think of another, better, more practical way later on! So for the moment, I LOVE my new hand-stands for displaying my rings!

One pair of rubber gloves - I like yellow and pink best but it's really surprising how many colours you can get, saw some very suave black ones today.

Fill with flour, sand, whatever you have to hand (pun totally accidental!), make sure you fill the fingers right up or they'll go floppy. Add a pebble or similar when you have finished filling the glove, to act as a weight when you turn it over. Secure the end VERY TIGHTLY with an elasitic band/hairband/whatever.

Turn the hand over and squeeze into shape so it stands up on it's own.

Hey Presto, freaky hands!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

More making moments!

I'm trying to build up some stock for the next couple of months, stall holding season is nearly upon us and the unsuspecting Cornish public need some Foundlings in their lives!!! First event is at Jubilee Pool opening day, Saturday 23rd of May, Yippee!