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Sunday, 22 February 2009

Been busy making!

Just a snippet of the manic making I've been doing the last few days, to try and get enough stock for a new shop in Penryn and a huge retail fair in London! Eeek!

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

New Art Idol

Following a recent exhibition in Penzance, I have finally found an artist of enviable repute who shares my fondness for discarded toys...
Adopted Cornishman Robert Bradford creates these amazing sculptures from all my favourite bits of junk - it took all my willpower not to sneakily prise off a few childhood faves! He also has a very cool Bee installed at the Eden Project.

Despite my fascination for these objects, I was equally enamoured with his Rocking Horse (below), which featured at an auction in the Exchange Gallery - where, incidentally, one of my uncle's amazing nudey lady on surfboard paintings was also sold (Pop back later for that one!).

Obviously, this is what would happen if the Stones and Pat Butcher had had a late night interlude, and in the wee small hours the pile of clothes decided to get up and walk off... or is that just me?!

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Acceptable in the 80's

When I was a teenager everything was 60's, from tie-dye to motown, I noticed a progression through 70's trends as I got older and thought the 80's would never come back, they were far too naff ever to re-emerge... and yet here I find myself loving the newest form of retro, as if shell-suits never happened! These are my fave Etsy 80's goodies...

From wildcatdesigns, the space invaders scarf.

LoveLeeSoaps (one of my favourite soapiers) designed this fantastic banana scented pacman.

The groovy mixtape pouch from BraveMoonman is uber cool, think it probably has some Billy Joel recorded on it, and maybe a few Pixies tracks (was that not a normal mixture?!).

Looks like lego from goodkarmasoaps, these make me giggle lots! Love them!

And last (but of course not least!) my own FoundlingsJewellery contribution to 80's fever - hypoallergenic Pacman and Blinky earrings!

Happy 80's revival!