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Sunday, 17 October 2010

My favourite of all...

Hmmm, things I love the most... well of all the things I have ever owned this ring is my most super favourite item.

I spent a rather inappropriately long time stalking it in the window of the local second hand jewellers, nearly having heart attacks a couple of times when the window display was rearranged and I thought it had gone... I couldn't take that risk for much longer so I took my intended into the shop and explained there was no need to get engaged or married any time soon but if I missed out on that ring I would always be a bit sad with whatever replacement we found. Fortunately he did agree to buy it for me!

About 2 years later, having given up all hope that I'd ever get to wear it, or even see it again, I got it (and the engagement that accompanies it!) for my 30th birthday this year, finally I have something I love which isn't made of plastic!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Button Babies!

Well, I never have denied that I love a bit of nepotism, but hey, this blog is all about 'things I love the most' and within that category how could I not include my Mum?!

As well as BEING one of such 'things', everything she creates also falls into the same category too!

The latest offering from Nanoo's Boutique are these lovely 'Button Babies' - they're a little bit teddy bear, little bit doll, quite a big pinch of robot and lots of snuggly goodness thrown in for good measure! Basically they are the latest obsession to spring from the end of my Mumma's crochet hook, and I really love them! She is also veering, as we speak, into the world of beatifully square-edged button-eyed animal friends too....

Thursday, 17 June 2010

50% off voucher for Mazey Day!

Hey, it's nearly Mazey Day again!!! My absolute favourite day and the best time ever to be in Penzance!!!

And as a thank you to all my fantastic friends and followers of Foundlings Jewellery, I am posting a print-it-yourself voucher entitling all followers to 50% off any Foundlings goodies next saturday at our stall on Chapel Street!

Just print off the above image and bring it on down :)

Thanks so much for your loyalty, and for inspiring me to keep making crazy creations!Lots of love, and hopefully see you next week! Love Zell xxx

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Anthropologie Envy

New gorgeous discoveries for this (slightly gloomy) bank holiday... I've had the Anthropologie website bookmarked for ages to big up their jewellery designs, and finally just remembered today! Their necklaces are really lovely, got a real handmade feel to them I think. They're cheering me up a bit anyway, what with the rain and the massive hangover and the rubbish day it has been (buying and immediately returning another laptop, then buying another one... third time lucky?!).

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Shopaholic perhaps?

Remember the incredible Dior stuff I last lusted over? Well they aren't exactly the same but hey, they were only 3 quid, for a pair of hairclips, and they're definitely of the same feel! I can justify my shopaholic tendencies... I buy cheap and often, and my Mum dragged me to the shops! Good old New Look!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

More sexy jewellery goodness!

Um, still trying really hard to save money, so I'm a bit like a greedy dieter eyeing up squishy cakes through the baker's window at the moment... except my sin is in the form of shiny jewels! For goodness sake though, will Vivienne Westwood EVER stop being cool and designing things I love? She surely is the devil in disguise with all her wicked temptation!

And acrylic is the new black daaaaahlings!

Monday, 19 April 2010

Retail therapy perhaps?!

Well, I know it's a bit shallow but sometimes I do rather like buying stuff...

And nothing's quite as satisfying as getting beautiful goodies from Anna Lou of London half price, and then they turn up in a gorgeous box, wrapped in lovely tissue paper, with cute little Anna Lou stickers on them! Chuffed to bits! xxx

Another new hobby...

I've always loved Laura Lees designs with the kooky embroidery, and over Easter weekend actually had a real day off, so I thought I'd try a little myself! It did take a lot longer than I thought but it was lovely to do, and now I want to embroider everything I own!

If only there were more hours in the day!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Les Neriedes and N2 - what a wonderful wibbly world!

There are jewellery makers out there, real proper ones, who are just as daft as me...

I'm loving their fairytale references, and everything on their website makes me salivate, but none more so than the wee gingerbread houses!!!

Oh and the piggies are wicked!!!! So go to the beautiful land of N2 and dribble away!

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The Hilton White Line

Look at what I could have seen this weekend... went to the local of my shady past, The Admiral Benbow, to check out the grooviest new kids in town... and missed the whole bloomin lot!!! Literally turned up at the pub about 10 seconds after they finished, durrrr!

Well thankfully for me my sister recorded the event for it's possible status as an historic event, so now I can sadly say I wish I'd eaten my dinner quicker and promise next time I'll turn up on time!

So when The Hilton White Line tour reaches an arena near you be sure to go, and don't forget to buy a T-shirt, they're a bargain!

Friday, 15 January 2010

Wild weather and orchids

I love Cornish weather, in the last week we've had snow, sleet, ice, hailstones, pretty warm sunshine and crazy crazy wind and rain - whipping up the sea like a big cold lemon meringue pie. The rain on the windows makes the outside world all stripy, like a 'going back in time' link from Wayne's World...

So I think I'll hide behind my beautiful orchids and wait til spring is sprung!