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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Button Babies!

Well, I never have denied that I love a bit of nepotism, but hey, this blog is all about 'things I love the most' and within that category how could I not include my Mum?!

As well as BEING one of such 'things', everything she creates also falls into the same category too!

The latest offering from Nanoo's Boutique are these lovely 'Button Babies' - they're a little bit teddy bear, little bit doll, quite a big pinch of robot and lots of snuggly goodness thrown in for good measure! Basically they are the latest obsession to spring from the end of my Mumma's crochet hook, and I really love them! She is also veering, as we speak, into the world of beatifully square-edged button-eyed animal friends too....

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