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Saturday, 11 July 2009

Mission Impossible: Never!

Nothing is Impossible, and with some polyfillering in the old holes, and my very sexy handles (despite ebay saga and giving in to much more expensive but ultimately more satisfying B&Q versions), my vision is complete! It actually looks exactly as I had hoped... and that never happens with anything!!!

Chuffed to bits! Hence having the urge to tell the world!

Mission Impossible: Phase 3

Getting the pink paint on cheered me up a bit, although I still had a few reservations about whether this cabinet is really gonna be as cool as I'd hoped, or would it end up like an extremely naff seventies blancmange... I have reserved the right all along to relegate it to the firewood pile if my vision is not realised!

When I put the bugger back together, there was then a considerable delay, as I have never applied wallpaper to anything and was a bit on the nervous side...

...And also I'm really anal and the pattern had to line up vertically and horizontally, and the joins had to be evenly spaced, so I didn't really relish the challenge I'd given myself! I have to say though, I have made myself proud with this attempt, if you look mega-close there's one tiny gap, but you'd have to be as finickity as me to find it!

Mission Impossible: Phase 2

Ok, so the primer was a bit of a problem. Well, not so much the primer itself but the hideous wee wee yellow stain which kept coming through from the previous varnish, despite 3 coats.

Fortunately I remembered a couple of years ago using a specific stain block paint to cover a damp stain in my folks' French house, and one coat of that sorted out that problem!

And because that stuff takes a little longer to dry, and I'm ridiculously impatient, and the insides didn't need treating, I made a womb-like effort to start on the final coat...