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Sunday, 17 October 2010

My favourite of all...

Hmmm, things I love the most... well of all the things I have ever owned this ring is my most super favourite item.

I spent a rather inappropriately long time stalking it in the window of the local second hand jewellers, nearly having heart attacks a couple of times when the window display was rearranged and I thought it had gone... I couldn't take that risk for much longer so I took my intended into the shop and explained there was no need to get engaged or married any time soon but if I missed out on that ring I would always be a bit sad with whatever replacement we found. Fortunately he did agree to buy it for me!

About 2 years later, having given up all hope that I'd ever get to wear it, or even see it again, I got it (and the engagement that accompanies it!) for my 30th birthday this year, finally I have something I love which isn't made of plastic!