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Friday, 4 February 2011

Free lunch?!

Who said there's no such thing?!

Of all the little things I do to make myself smile, quite a few of them do revolve around food, like nicking the end bit of a french stick, eating Nutella out of the jar with a teaspoon, and baking/eating banana based cakes...

Well this one's my current favourite, I get Graze boxes every other week, and they satisfy so many of my little wishes they're really special...

Wish 1 - post that's not boring household/bank stuff, the boxes are specially designed to go through anyone's letterbox!

Wish 2 - picky food, snacky, nutty, seedy, healthy, guilt free (though sometimes a bit of chocolate and flapjack sneaks in there) and generally very yummy! Tons of dried fruit/nut/seed combos and ace flavours, from the super spicy to the sugary sweet.

Wish 3 - cute lunchbox style little compartments, make me feel like I'm a packed lunch kid at school (I did enjoy being a school dinners kid most of the time, but the days we got packed lunch felt special!).

Wish 4 - being nice, just because I get these boxes, I can give anyone I like a free one for themselves, and then AS WELL as your free one Graze either give me money off or make a donation to the 'graze school of farming'. What a blooming nice company!

So if you want one, take one, have one on me, amazin'! Just click here

Wednesday, 2 February 2011